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The Applied Research of Informal Learning based on Undergraduate Economics and Management Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000284


Xin Li and Feng Zu

Corresponding Author

Xin Li


Undergraduate economic management majors usually have special problems such as high professional practice teaching requirements, a wide range of industries, strong professionalism, boring curriculum content, lack of high-quality teaching materials, and insufficient communication between teachers and students. In order to solve these questions, this paper presented that an informal learning was an effective way to solve the problem of undergraduate economics and management teaching and conducted a feasibility demonstration. This paper summarized the three forms of informal learning including Social Software applications for personal online learning, formation of virtual communities, and Micro-learning. The last this paper built the model of informal learning environments based on the double structure of professional teachers to guide and students’ independent learning for undergraduate economics and management teaching.


Undergraduate Economic Management Majors Teaching; Informal Learning; Environmental Model