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The Training Methods of Innovative Talents in Oil and Gas Storage and Transportation Major in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000285


Shanxin Ni, Li Li, Zhiguo Wang, Congmin Li, Hongqing Liu and Lei Zheng

Corresponding Author

Shanxin Ni


The goal of the revision of the talent training program in higher vocational colleges is to meet the needs of the society and embody the characteristics of higher vocational colleges. In order to meet the current social demand for high-quality oil and gas storage and transportation professionals, all vocational colleges are reforming teaching methods and developing innovative training mode for oil and gas storage and transportation professionals. This paper discusses the personnel training objectives of oil and gas storage and transportation major in higher vocational colleges. First of all, this paper analyzes the disadvantages of the current talent training program of oil and gas storage and transportation specialty in higher vocational colleges, and constructs the guiding principle of the talent training mode of oil and gas storage and transportation specialty, which focuses on the cultivation of students' professional innovation ability. It puts forward the training methods of implementing this strategy on this basis, including reforming the curriculum system, attaching importance to the construction of practical training, strengthening practical teaching, and improving the evaluation system of students' ability, so as to achieve the goal of talent training with scientific orientation.


higher vocational colleges; oil and gas storage and transportation; innovation; personnel training