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Creative Talents Training Mode of Business English Major in Private Universities under Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000286


Shiyan Bai and Fanyu Zhou

Corresponding Author

Shiyan Bai


According to the talent training requirements for developing current and future business English majors by Chinese external economic development as well as economic globalization, this article intends to make a brief explanation of the cultivation goals and standards of business English majors, explore business English talent training mode established under Sino-Foreign cooperative education and propose to design an internationalized curriculum system, teaching methods as well as business ability training programs in the instruction of business English majors, aiming to provide theoretical references as well as teaching reforming plans for the development of business English students. Although the Quality Assessment and Supervision system is established to ensure the education quality, there are still problems and difficulties for the Business English major talent training in private universities.


Talents Training Mode; Business English; Sino-Foreign Cooperative Education; Private Universities