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Present Development and Research on Improving Countermeasures for Blended-teaching Model in Institutions of Higher Learning

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000288


Yuling Liu and Shuo Yang

Corresponding Author

Shuo Yang


Blended-teaching model is an “online” + “offline” teaching model which combines the advantages of online and traditional teaching models. This model focuses more on students’ learning experience, and is more inclined to organize and realize teaching objectives from the students’perspective, and creates a truly highly-participated and personalized learning experience for them. Based on the definition and characteristics of blended-teaching model, and the current fact that institutions of higher learning have been trying to use blended-teaching, this research raises implementing strategy on two perspectives which are: construct a teaching management mechanism of blended-teaching model; and improves teaching management system of blended-teaching model.


Blended-teaching Model; Institutions of Higher Learning; Present Development Improving Countermeasures