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Investigation on O2O Online Offline Mixed Teaching Model of Preschool Education under the Background of "Internet Plus Education"

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000291


Jie Yang

Corresponding Author

Jie Yang


With the "Internet plus" concept proposed, the Internet began to expand to the education industry, the current education industry has formed the "Internet plus education" development model. Based on this a variety of new education models began to emerge, such as moocs, flipped classroom, micro-classroom and so on. However, with the continuous application of the Internet in educational practice, many problems have also been revealed. At present, "Internet plus education" has entered a difficult period of development. In this case, O2O (online to offline) begins to enter the "Internet plus education" mode. The purpose of this paper is to explore an online-offline mixed teaching mode suitable for the future development of "Internet plus education" by virtue of the research on preschool education courses. This paper on the "Internet plus education" and O2O mode has carried on the summary of relevant, and with the aid of Kohonen network algorithm, the relevant experiment, it is concluded that the current pre-school education problems in the course teaching of mixed mode, and puts forward establishing preschool education on the basis of the specific strategies of the mixed education mode, effectively promote the reform and development of preschool education courses. The experiments in this paper show that there are still many problems in the O2O online-offline blended teaching model of preschool education courses in China, which need to be improved.


Internet Plus education; Preschool Education Programmes; Hybrid Teaching Mode; Kohonen Network Algorithm