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Research on Individualized and Precise Stratified Teaching of Information Technology Course in Primary and Secondary Schools

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000292


Dan Chu , Jian Xie and Dongmei Wang

Corresponding Author

Jian Xie


The information technology course in primary and secondary schools undertakes the important task of training the application ability of information technology of students in China. Stratified teaching as a teaching mode to improve the teaching quality of information technology education has attracted more and more attention. But in the actual teaching, stratified teaching has not been widely applied and it has not been worked as it should be in improving the teaching quality. In view of the existing problems in stratified teaching, the paper probes into the stratified teaching strategies of primary and secondary schools from the perspective of personalized learning, and puts forward to the main principles of stratification, as well as makes a specific analysis from three aspects, namely, learning objectives, teaching activities and teaching evaluation.


primary and secondary school students; personalized learning; information technology course; precise stratified teaching