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The Cultural Connotation of Animal Words in English and Chinese

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000293


Haixia Yin

Corresponding Author

Haixia Yin


In the long history, mankind has been contacted closely with animals in the long coexistence on the earth. And they have generated intricate feelings to animals like love, aversion, fear and so on, which they do not have toward the general objects. So a lot of animal-related vocabulary formed. Because of their difference in historical and cultural development, customs, social system, geographical environment and other aspects, the metaphor they bear also appear differences, thus giving animals a variety of different meanings. So if we want to have a good understanding of animal words, we have to know its cultural connotation. From the relationship between language and culture, and paper divided the animal words into three categories according to their different cultural connotations.


Connotation;Animal Words; Language and culture