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Application of Blended Teaching Mode in College English Teaching for Medical Purpose

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000295


Yong Hu

Corresponding Author

Yong Hu


Going to the world with medical purpose is not only the need of the world, but also one of the effective ways for China to increase its international influence. The training of English talents in TCM schools is an important way to realize the external communication and development of medical purpose. Over time, the traditional teaching model has been unable to meet the needs of contemporary talents training. The blended teaching model can change the monotonous teaching model in vocational English teaching, lack of vitality, and cannot mobilize the enthusiasm of college students for learning. College English teaching advances with the times and combines with the information-based teaching model. The research purpose of this article is to explore the application of blended teaching mode in college English teaching of medical purpose. This article is based on the classroom teaching design of the blended teaching model, taking a freshman class of a medical purpose major in a university as the research object, and proposes an English classroom teaching design plan based on the blended teaching model. A control group experiment is set up, and the experimental class is conducted for one semester. According to the analysis of blended teaching, the difference between the average values measured after the experiment in the control class and the experimental class is 7.478, which is very different, indicating that the blended teaching mode has a significant effect on improving college students' English reading ability.


Blended Teaching Mode; Medical Purpose; English Teaching Mode; Traditional Teaching Mode