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Improving Strategy of Higher Education Quality under the Background of Internet

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000297


Cuiying Li, Yi Cheng, Hongjing Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hongjing Zhang


"Internet-education" is not the simple addition of the Internet and education, it’s not that the teaching and learning activities are around the Internet, such as the teacher to teach on the Internet, students go to school on the Internet, information flows online , knowledge is formed on the net etc, offline activities is the complement and expansion of online activities. The essence of "Internet-education" is to break down existing teaching activities into pieces , then reorganize them on the Internet to form new systems and structures. This will bring a revolution to education, and subsequently university education quality has become an important research topic for scholars internal. This research digs into the relevant factors that affect the promotion of teaching quality under the background of "Internet-education",then puts forward the strategy of promoting teaching quality on the platform of "Internet-education" in colleges and universities, that those meet the development of the new era.


Internet-education; higher education quality; improvement strategies