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College Students’ Cognition of English Writing Strategies

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000300


Xiaoxiao Lu

Corresponding Author

Xiaoxiao Lu


Writing has always been a weakness for Chinese students. Writing strategy refers to a set of rules for arrangement or plot in writing, penetrates the whole writing process and can have drastic effect on the writing performance and writing quality. However, some issues remain unresolved: are Chinese learners aware of the importance of writing strategies? In addition, does the learners’ cognition have any impact on the writing quality of the learners? And how much do they know about it? Hence the present research was carried out. This is an investigation targeting for some college students in one of the top universities in China on the cognition of writing strategies and the usage or involvement of writing strategies in the English teaching process. The results show that: a) The majority of the participants lack of interests in it. They did not recognize the importance of writing strategies. b) The interest of high score group is better than that of low score group, which presents kind of correlation between interest and writing quality. c) The more the students know about writing strategies, the better their writing quality is.


second language writing; writing strategy; cognitive linguistics