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Discussion and Consideration about the Teaching of Sectional Image Anatomy for Medical Postgraduates

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000305


Shaoyin Duan

Corresponding Author

Shaoyin Duan


Graduate education is an important carrier of world-class universities. Sectional image anatomy is a bridge course of medical graduates between medical basic and clinical research, Reformation of teaching is conducive to the cultivation of innovative talents. Teaching contents include: 1. Focal point on CT cross section images, with supplement of multi-plane images of CT, MR and the continuous section-images; 2. Introduction of the latest research results and progress; 3. Increase relevant knowledge of research direction and the anatomy application. It is emphasized the bases of systematic anatomy and regional anatomy, the combination of specimen and image anatomy and the objection of clinical application and research. Teaching methods should be the combination of traditional classroom and flipped classroom, and the complement of experimental classroom and research classroom. Teaching evaluations include the drawing homework + experiment operation and test + application discussion and written examination. Finally, there is an analysis of examination results + feedback questionnaire + research application. The teaching reformation of sectional image anatomy will improve the postgraduates ability of three-dimensional anatomical thinking, clinical application and interdisciplinary research.


Sectional image anatomy; Teaching; Reformation; Postgraduate education