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Practice and Research of Blended Teaching of Mathematical Analysis Course Based on Mobile Internet

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000306


Yunhua Ye

Corresponding Author

Yunhua Ye


Facing the new era of knowledge economy and mobile internet, higher education needs to keep pace with the times and carry out the reform of blended teaching models. Mathematical analysis is the basic core curriculum of all majors in mathematics, and plays an extremely important role in the professional development of students. In the course of mathematical analysis, the mobile Internet-based blended teaching reform is carried out, and the combination of micro-learning, MOOC, network platform and traditional teaching is used to make students as the center and stimulate students' interest in learning. The teaching practice shows that blended teaching can effectively cultivate the students’ autonomous learning ability, improve their ability to analyze and solve problems, and has statistical significance in improving the students’ learning performance.


Blended teaching; Empirical analysis; Mathematical Analysis course; Mobile internet