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On the Construction of Youth's Political Identification from the Cognitive Methodology of Public Opinion Entropy

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000308


Li Wan

Corresponding Author

Li Wan


In the current cyberspace, more and more uproar is being stirred up among the public, and all kinds of social media are also stepping up on the stage, which normalizes the game theory in the field of public opinion. The non-standard characteristics of new media gradually derive "media risk", and the entropy of public opinion gradually accumulates. For the time being, the entropy of public opinion presents a disordered state of public opinion, which mainly comes from redundant information, technical algorithm and emotional carnival in the perspective of "panoramic prison". The ecological status of public opinion entropy also highlights the macro-and-micro-oriented communication fission and the game of discourse right, which has an impact on the value orientation and political identification of young people.We should start with the methodology of entropy of public opinion, implement the governance of rule and value guidance, so as to prevent and control the "heat death" effect of entropy of public opinion, and construct the political identification of youth in the network space where youth show their self empowerment, combined with the positive interaction strategy of social structure.


Public opinion entropy; Methodology; Construct; Political identification