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Mixed Teaching Model of Tourism Online Marketing Based on SPOC

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000310


Xiaoli Liu and Qihong Tan

Corresponding Author

Xiaoli Liu


Nowadays, in the era of rapid development of information network, tourism network marketing has made a huge impact on the traditional tourism marketing mode, and tourism network marketing has gradually become a major mode of tourism marketing in China. In this context, tourism network marketing education is particularly important. Under the information environment, the static and traditional dogmatism classroom teaching mode can not meet the personalized learning needs of learners. The new era of teaching reform requires the use of information technology for teaching services, so that the mixed teaching mode becomes the mainstream of information teaching mode. SPOC is an effective supplement to the popular MOOC model, which makes up for the shortcomings of the traditional teaching mode and has received warm attention. Based on this, this paper puts forward the research on the mixed teaching mode of tourism network marketing based on SPOC, and verifies the reliability of the mixed teaching mode of tourism network marketing based on SPOC by setting up a comparative experiment. The experimental results show that the average score of the experimental class has been significantly improved by 9.12 points, while the average score of the control class has only been improved by 3.71 points. The experimental results show that the model can improve students' interest and actively participate in online and offline teaching activities, so it can improve their performance, which proves the effectiveness of the teaching model.


SPOC; Tourism Network Marketing; Hybrid Teaching Mode; Talent Training