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Financial Management Professional Practice Curriculum System from the Perspective of School-enterprise Cooperation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000311


Chengwei Zhang and Weiqi Rao

Corresponding Author

Weiqi Rao


With the advent of the information age, the trend of industrial integration is increasing. New products and technologies such as financial robots and financial sharing are emerging. The traditional teaching model of financial management no longer meets the needs of corporate talents today. In order to keep pace with the times, train talents who meet the needs of change in the financial field. Solve the contradiction between the talent needs of enterprises and the training of talents in schools. This paper uses questionnaire surveys and field surveys to analyze the role of the school-enterprise cooperative practice teaching system. The survey found that students under the new practice teaching system of school-enterprise cooperation are far superior to previous students in terms of personal abilities, practical operations, and teamwork. It can be seen that it is urgent to establish a new practical curriculum system to meet the needs of change in the financial field.


School-enterprise cooperation; Financial management major; Practical course system