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Study on Foreign Medical Students’ Negative Transfer of Mother Tongue in Studying Medical Chinese

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000313


Yan He

Corresponding Author

Yan He


In recent years, the number of foreign medical students in China has grown rapidly. When these students come to China, they have undergone tremendous changes ranging from their living habits to study or working environments. To adapt to China smoothly, learning Chinese is the first thing to integrate into the environment. However, there is always a problem with foreign medical students studying Chinese. According to the theory of mother tongue transfer, in the process of learning a second language, the learner's first language, that is, the use of the mother tongue, will directly affect the second language learning, which will have a positive or negative interference effect. When there is a positive impact, it is a positive migration, and a negative impact is a negative migration. In this study, the pronunciation, vocabulary and syntax are used to study the negative transfer of mother tongue in the medical Chinese learning of foreign medical students in medical colleges and universities. The reasons for these negative migration phenomena are summarized and the corresponding strategies are proposed. Studies have shown that the negative transfer of mother tongue in speech is the most serious, followed by vocabulary, and the negative transfer of the mother tongue in syntax is relatively small compared to speech and vocabulary.


Medical Chinese; Foreign students; Negative transfer of mother tongue