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Talent Cultivation and Curriculum Reform of History Major in Normal University

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000316


Ying Li Fengxu Li and Yungang Zhao

Corresponding Author

Yungang Zhao


In the context of the current general focus on the cultivation of applied talents in universities, talent cultivation is still one of the very important values of traditional liberal arts such as history, so it must be paid sufficient attention. High-quality talents must focus on the problems and deficiencies in the current teaching model, reform the traditional teaching model and curriculum settings in a targeted manner, properly handle the relationship between basic and practical courses, strengthen the teachers of practical courses, and reform student learning Evaluation methods, the establishment of student ability assessment mechanism, strengthening the hardware construction of practical teaching, and training students' life planning, theoretical education and basic scientific research capabilities.


Normal College; History major; Talent training; Curriculum reform