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Preschool Education Teaching Methods Based on Children's Psychological Characteristics

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000318


Ying Zhang

Corresponding Author

Ying Zhang


Early childhood education is the key to promoting the growth of children's physical and mental health. Its education includes multiple levels. Among them, the cultivation of young children's self-confidence has an important impact on young children and can change their lives. Preschool children have a strong curiosity, rely on teachers and are very enthusiastic about the psychological characteristics of play. This article researches the preschool education and teaching methods of the psychological characteristics of the children, and proposes a study of preschool education methods based on game activities. This article sets up a control experiment to verify the reliability of the method proposed in this article. In addition, the method of questionnaire survey invites parents to participate in the evaluation of the method proposed in this article. The research in this article found that after an experimental period, the children in the experimental group have greatly improved their cognitive abilities, development of movement and listening comprehension, and their evaluation grades have reached A grade. In addition, parents are very satisfied with the game teaching method proposed in this article as high as 96%. The research in this article will provide a good paradigm role for the study of teaching methods for preschool education.


Psychological Characteristics of Young Children; Preschool Education; Teaching Methods; Game Teaching