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Investigation on the Decision Making Method of Title Evaluation Institutions of Higher Learning Under Semantic Environment

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000320


Lijuan Yao

Corresponding Author

Lijuan Yao


In the support evaluation system of our country, the support evaluation of university teachers occupies a key position, which provides an important support basis for the rapid development of universities and scientific talent planning. The specific decision-making method of college professional title evaluation is related to the scientific, fairness and standardization of supporting evaluation. At present, most of the decision-making methods for the evaluation of university teachers' professional titles in China adopt the traditional evaluation and decision-making methods, which are unitary and backward, and obviously unable to adapt to the development needs of semantic environment. This brings inconvenience to the professional title appraisal of colleges and universities in China. The purpose of this paper is to make an in-depth study on the decision-making methods of college professional title evaluation under semantic environment and explore the scientific decision-making methods of colleges and universities. This paper firstly the concept of semantic environment and title appraisal has carried on the summary of relevant, then with the help of decision observe algorithm, the current problems existing in the college teacher's title appraisal decision method carried on the thorough analysis, and on this basis, combined with the existing research materials, puts forward the semantic title appraisal of colleges and universities under the environment of specific decision method. The experiments in this paper show that there are many problems in the current decision-making methods of professional title evaluation of university teachers in China, which limit the scientific and standardization of professional title evaluation.


Semantic Environment; Professional Title Review; Decision-making Methods; College Teachers