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Reflections on Undergraduate Education in Law

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000326


Hongfei Song and Lin Zhang

Corresponding Author

Hongfei Song


Undergraduate law education in China is affected by traditional education concepts. There are three major problems: low graduates' practical ability, incomplete curriculum, and inadequate establishment of school institutions and systems. Proceeding from the diverse social needs, a research-based learning concept is proposed. In order to implement the concept of research-based learning, the implementation of the concept of research-based learning in law undergraduate education must first clarify the educational guiding ideology of colleges and universities. To this end, we should clarify the guiding ideology of colleges and universities by encouraging teachers to boldly innovate classroom teaching, stimulate students' learning interest, rely on practical bases, and organize students to conduct unified internships, so as to cultivate more outstanding legal talents for China's legal education cause.


Undergraduate Education in Law; Research-based Learning Philosophy; Guiding Ideology