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An Analysis of the Cultivation of Vocational College Students’ Autonomous English Learning Ability

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000327


Bona Li

Corresponding Author

Bona Li


With the continuous development and progress of vocational education in China, the reform of vocational education in China is also showing a trend of sustainable development, which promotes higher vocational English teaching to a new level. Combined with the current English teaching work in vocational colleges, cultivating students’ autonomous learning ability has become one of the important tasks of vocational college students’ English learning. The deepening of the integration of Internet technology and the field of education has brought new opportunities for the development of teaching. Cultivating students’ learning autonomy has also become an important reform direction of English teaching for vocational college students. This paper makes a detailed analysis of the connotation of autonomous English learning ability and the significance of cultivating vocational college students’ autonomous English learning ability. Combined with the actual English teaching situation of our school, this paper works out the targeted strategies for cultivating vocational college students’ autonomous English learning ability.


higher vocational education; English teaching; autonomous learning ability