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Educational Psychology Curriculum Reform Based on the Cultivation Model of Applied Undergraduate Talents

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000329


Wenwei Yang

Corresponding Author

Wenwei Yang


With the continuous development of the country's economy and the continuous progress of reform, China's all walks of life on the demand for professional application-oriented talent is also growing, the traditional undergraduate college education is usually dominated by theoretical knowledge, to cultivate academic and research-oriented talent as the goal, unable to meet the needs of the current social development. Undergraduate higher education must change the mode of talent cultivation from academic and research-oriented to application-oriented and innovation-oriented. Only in this way can it better adapt to the development of all walks of life and coordinate talent cultivation with the overall social needs. Educational psychology is one of the compulsory courses for education students and occupies an important position in college curriculum. However, the current curriculum of educational psychology is still dominated by traditional theoretical knowledge, and there are many problems in curriculum teaching, which are not conducive to the cultivation of application-oriented talents. Therefore, curriculum reform must be carried out as soon as possible. Based on the cultivation model of applied talents, this paper analyzes the development status of educational psychology and puts forward some curriculum reform strategies of educational psychology.


Application Oriented Talents; Educational Psychology; Curriculum Reform; Gaussian Regression Algorithm