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A Review of the Literature on the Research on the Level of National Needs

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000337


BinGao and Ping Li

Corresponding Author

Ping Li


Due to the continuous progress of the society, the country can better represent the demands of the majority of its residents. Therefore, national policies are formulated to meet the individual needs of most residents of the country. So, it is more feasible to improve Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory at the individual level and apply it to the national level. This paper reviews Maslow's hierarchy of needs theory at the national level. It mainly discusses the origin of hierarchy of national needs from two perspectives: foreign and domestic. From the perspective of national psychology, international political science, international political psychology and other relevant aspects, this paper summarizes the development of the research on national needs hierarchy. Based on the above theoretical analysis, this paper discusses the application of national needs hierarchy theory from the perspectives of national interests, foreign national interests and bilateral relations. Based on the summary of the above research results, the author found that some studies on the level of national demand lack sufficient theoretical support, the division of the level of national demand is not unified, and the application of the level of national demand is still limited.


National demand; Maslow's hierarchy of needs; International relations