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Classroom Teaching of Preschool Education Major Based on Achievement Oriented Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000340


Mengying Zhao

Corresponding Author

Mengying Zhao


According to the quality requirements of the state for the cultivation of undergraduate education talents, the establishment of the external guarantee mechanism for the quality of teacher education by the professional certification of normal education, and the requirements of the national unified examination for the qualification certificate of preschool teachers, this paper, based on the theory of results oriented Education, explores how to apply the reverse design teaching mode to the classroom teaching of preschool education major, and through clarifying the students' expected learning Results: scientific arrangement of classroom teaching activities, construction of classroom teaching quality evaluation throughout the whole process of the course, to truly improve students' enthusiasm for learning, participation, professional knowledge and ability, and improve the quality of classroom teaching.


Results Oriented; Classroom Teaching; Reverse Design