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Exploration on the Building of Golden Course under the Background of "Culture Export"

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000341


Bing He

Corresponding Author

Bing He


The strategic background of "culture going out" has given English discipline new opportunities and challenges. The report of China University teaching forum focuses on the transformation from the construction of first-class majors to the construction of first-class courses. And it points out that courses are the most fundamental and micro key to education. "Golden course" was first written into the Ministry of education document "notice on the implementation of the spirit of the National Undergraduate Education Conference in the new era", which requires all colleges and universities to comprehensively sort out the teaching content of each course, eliminate "water course" and create "golden course". All these requirements strive to improve the teaching quality of universities. With the goal of "culture going out", this paper explores a new mode of "golden course" in College English teaching from the perspective of students.


Golden Course; Culture Export; College English Teaching