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Research on Group Education in the Region under the Modern Vocational Education System

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000345


Xiaoyu Wang, Jizhen Yu and Zhiyuan Sun

Corresponding Author

Jizhen Yu


If China's vocational education wants to take the road of connotative development and improve the level and quality of vocational education, it must seek a more reasonable and scientific method, change the original "extensive management" model, and promote "intensive" model. Under the modern vocational education system, this article focuses on the economic development in the region and conducts group-based schooling research in order to integrate regional vocational education resources, promote the joint running of government, school, and enterprise, coordinate education, and continuously improve the quality of talents suitable for regional economic development. To promote high-level development of vocational education.


vocational education; education group; region