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The Practical Path of Chinese Traditional Culture into Higher Vocational Campus Culture

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000349


Fang Yu

Corresponding Author

Fang Yu


China's excellent traditional culture has a long history, rich content as well as profound connotation. It is the crystallization of the brilliant civilization spirit of the Chinese nation, which has cast the lofty spiritual quality of the nation, and contains the connotation and value of social ethics and humanity with the characteristics of the nation. Today, with the progress of the comprehensive strength of our country and the pace of economic globalization in china, the various cultural trends in the world collide with each other. So higher vocational colleges should understand and absorb the basic functions of excellent traditional culture in order to give full play to its role in campus cultural education and make its contribution to the inheritance and promotion of excellent traditional culture in the new era. On the basis of empirical research and analysis of the current situation of the construction of Chinese traditional culture in higher vocational colleges in China, this paper tries to propose a practical approach to integrate Chinese excellent traditional culture into the campus culture of higher vocational colleges.


Chinese Traditional Culture; Higher Vocational Campus Culture; Practice Path; Penetration & Fusion