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Students' Independent Learning Ability Improvement Model Based on Industry-University-Research

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000353


Xia Wang

Corresponding Author

Xia Wang


Since the 21st century, with the high and new technology, people have brought many conveniences and surprises to people's life, study and work, and also affected the way of thinking and learning of students. Under the new media environment, the way of acquiring knowledge has undergone tremendous changes, and it is bound to put forward higher requirements on the autonomous learning ability of contemporary college students. The improvement of autonomous learning ability in the new media environment has become an inevitable requirement for talent training and higher education, and it is also the need for individual learning to meet their own knowledge learning needs. In the study of this article, about 72% of students evaluated their learning progress and made corresponding plans, while pre-test data showed that only about 33% of such students. It can be seen that after one semester of training, the score of each question in the post-test on the dimension of self-management learning ability is higher than the pre-test, and the student's self-management level has improved significantly.


Industry-University-Research; Student Autonomous Learning; Ability Enhancement; Model Research