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Construction of "Double-qualified" Outstanding Faculty in Preschool Education Major

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000355


Fengming Liu, Wenwei Yang and Haiying Yu

Corresponding Author

Fengming Liu


The construction of "Double-qualified" is the basic guarantee for higher vocational colleges to provide high quality education. It is an urgent task for the development of vocational education and an urgent need for personnel training to form a "double-qualified" excellent teacher team with good quality, reasonable structure, full-time integration, distinct and stable characteristics. Taking preschool education as an example, this paper aims to clarify the connotation of "double-qualified" excellent teachers, explore the problems in the process of building the teaching staff, and make suggestions for the construction of "double-qualified" excellent teachers in preschool education.


"Double-qualified" Teacher; Outstanding Faculty; Team Building; Preschool Education