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Discussion on the Training Mode of Top Notch Innovative Talents in the Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000356


Yuguang Qian

Corresponding Author

Yuguang Qian


Training top innovative talents is the key to improve the core competitiveness of the country, and it is also the urgent need to improve the quality of higher education and take the road of connotative development. The quality of talents should meet the needs of the society and the development of human beings. Many colleges and universities have adjusted their talent training programs, enrolled students in different categories, and students are free to choose majors. The school has carried out corresponding curriculum reform and improved the policy of changing majors. Many colleges and universities actively explore the top innovative personnel training mode and have achieved ideal results. There is no doubt that the cultivation of top innovative talents for local colleges and universities is still in the exploration stage, and the training program still faces many problems and contradictions in the specific practice. Therefore, we must objectively analyze the deep-seated reasons, and build a top-notch innovative talent training mode suitable for colleges and universities from the aspects of training objectives, training methods, teaching methods, assessment methods, management systems, etc., in order to provide a strong talent support for promoting the health of China's modern agriculture.


personnel training mode; colleges and universities; top innovative talents; [CLC number] G642 [Document identification code]A