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Design of Project Teaching Method in Higher Vocational English Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000362


Chaoyi Wang

Corresponding Author

Chaoyi Wang


The project teaching method has always been a more enthusiastic teaching method for teachers. Higher vocational English teachers also pay attention to the role of this teaching method, which is widely used in practical English teaching. Applying the project teaching method, the focus of the teaching model has undergone major changes. It has subverted the traditional teaching mode in the past, which is reflected in the teaching objectives, teacher and student status, communication methods, student participation, and teaching evaluation. Through teaching practice, the project teaching method eliminates the defects of traditional teaching, effectively promotes the goal of English teaching in higher vocational colleges, and continuously improves the enthusiasm of students, which effectively integrates students' professional and English, and promotes the future development of students.


vocational English; project teaching method; teaching strategy