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Higher Vocational Training Path of Teachers in the Early Education of Preschool Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000363


Yuanyuan Wu

Corresponding Author

Yuanyuan Wu


From the perspective of the market, preschool education needs a large number of high-quality professional talents. Higher vocational colleges should do a good job in preschool education, and meet the urgent needs of the market, society and education through the construction of teachers. Based on the analysis of the important value of preschool education, this study considers the problems of teachers in the process of preschool education in higher vocational colleges, and provides measures for preschool education to carry out dual teacher training, optimize the structure of teachers, strengthen teacher training, and provide resources for the development of teachers, hoping to develop the quality and ability of preschool education teachers And improve the construction quality. The purpose of this paper is to explore the research of the higher vocational training path of teachers, so as to think about the influence of preschool education on teachers and its influence on the direction of education. In this paper, we will use the research method of specific analysis to compare the data and come to a conclusion. The research results of this paper show that preschool education is a practical and social major, which is an important professional type in the system of higher vocational education. Under the background of economic and social development, it constantly excavates the important value of preschool education, and puts forward higher training and education objectives for preschool education.


Higher Vocational Colleges; Construction of Teaching Staff; Preschool Education Major; Double Teacher type