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College Physical Education (PE) Teaching and the Physical Health of College Students

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000372


Xiaobin Ji

Corresponding Author

Xiaobin Ji


With the progress of society, the water products of education and teaching in China are also constantly improving, more and more colleges and universities have entered the list of famous schools in the world, and the professional quality of students is also constantly improving. However, from the news reports in recent years and the record table of students’ sports test, we can see that the physique of college students is on the decline. This paper will take physical education in colleges and universities as the main research object, explore the value and problems of physical education in colleges and universities, and explain how to improve the teaching quality of physical education in colleges and universities, so as to promote the progress of students’ physical fitness and cultivate physical cultivation.


physical education (PE) teaching; college students; physical management; quality improvement