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New Teaching Methods of Electronic Specialty Practice Courses under the Master-Apprentice System

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000374


Lai Wei

Corresponding Author

Lai Wei


With the development of society and economy, communication electronic technology has been widely used in various fields, which requires universities to carry out related education reforms to meet the needs of talents and technology in various fields of society. With the continuous progress and development of this field, many studies of secondary vocational education have become more and more common. China urgently needs a large number of high-skilled talents, transforming from a large manufacturing country to a strong manufacturing country. As a research result on the training of similar talents abroad, China first proposed the establishment and implementation of a master-student electronics professional practice training system in China. Suggestions. At present, China's electronic communication industry urgently needs different types of compound talents for electronic communication applications. This article studies the new teaching method of electronic specialty practice course under the apprenticeship system. In this article, through the course survey of college teachers and apprentices, it was found that 12% of school experimental equipment can be used normally, 17% of schools are not yet available, 8% are satisfied with school investment, 20% are dissatisfied, and professional Teachers account for 21%, but the integrated teaching method has not been fully realized, and in-depth research and analysis are made from the current status of pedagogical and apprentice practice teaching and improvement strategies to achieve a "seamless connection between talent cultivation and social employers "It is necessary to reform the existing experimental teaching model and improve students' comprehensive quality and employment competitiveness. The construction and assumption of the teaching method and system for the practice of apprenticeship in the electronics specialty of schools in China are put forward preliminarily.


Electronics Major; Mentoring Practice teaching; Mentoring Teaching Methods; Improvement Strategies