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The Way to Realize the Course Ideological and Political Education in the Course of an Introduction to Animation

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000379


Xiaoyi Yang

Corresponding Author

Xiaoyi Yang


In order to promote the all-round development of students' moral, intellectual, and artistic, the ideological and political work runs through the whole process of curriculum teaching. In order to realize all-round education, this paper first expounds the necessity of the undergraduate animation major to carry out the curriculum ideological and political affairs, and then summarizes the current situation of the undergraduate animation major in the course of ideological and political affairs. Finally, taking the "Introduction to Animation" course as an example, thinking about the animation professional course The path of political education is explored, and it also provides reference for the development of ideological and political teaching in other courses of animation.


Animation Major; Curriculum Ideological; Animation Introduction; Lide Shuren