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Practice and Exploration of Music Curriculum for Preschool Education Major

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000381


Yichen Xie

Corresponding Author

Yichen Xie


Music is a compulsory course for preschool education students and an important field for preschool teachers to carry out music activities and teaching for preschool children in kindergarten. Music quality education is the first key to open the door of music for preschool children. Therefore, in music teaching of preschool education, music quality education should be placed in the most important position. The essence of music quality is to emphasize the cultivation of music ability. The quality of music of preschool teachers will play a crucial role in the children's future music art level, and will directly affect the healthy growth of children's body and mind. Therefore, it is very important for students majoring in preschool education in secondary vocational schools to conduct music quality teaching. This paper will start from the analysis of the current situation of music course teaching for students majoring in preschool education in secondary vocational schools, and focus on the in-depth discussion on the cultivation strategy of music quality for students majoring in preschool education.


Preschool education; Music course; Course practice