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The Application of Multimedia Network Teaching Platform in College Dance Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000382


WenLi Wan

Corresponding Author

WenLi Wan


With the improvement of China's economy, the development of science and technology is increasing day by day. The use of computers is becoming increasingly widespread in various industries. Cloud platform is built on virtual technology, people can use the data stored in the computer without the constraint of space and time. The multimedia network teaching platform plays an important role in the teaching of colleges and universities. More and more attention has been paid to dance teaching platform based on multimedia network. This paper analyzes the application of cloud platform multimedia network teaching platform in university dance teaching, which is conducive to the development and promotion of scientific and technological achievements. The use of cloud platform can make resources fully Shared and teaching methods more vivid and rich. In addition, it helps to improve the teaching level.


Genetic algorithm; College physical; Cloud platform; Multimedia network teaching platform; Dance teaching