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Research on the Reform of the Teaching Model of "Preschool Dance Creation" of Preschool Education Major in Higher Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000388


Lu Chen

Corresponding Author

Lu Chen


The preschool education major of higher vocational colleges has exported a lot of educational talents for the society. The basic course of this major is the creation of infant dance. In order to improve the teaching quality of the major and the application ability of students, higher vocational colleges continue to reform their teaching mode. In the teaching of higher vocational colleges, the teaching model of "promoting learning by competition and promoting teaching by competition" is gradually being applied to the teaching of children's dance creation, with the purpose of stimulating students' learning passion and improving teaching quality. This article mainly elaborates the connotation and goal of the teaching model of "promoting learning by competition and teaching by competition", and analyzes the specific implementation strategies of the teaching model of "promoting learning by competition and teaching by competition". The teaching of creation is of certain reference significance.


pre-school education in higher vocational education; early childhood dance creation; competition to promote learning; competition to promote teaching