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An Analysis of the Focal Problems in the Reform of College English Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000390


Weiwei Feng

Corresponding Author

Weiwei Feng


In the 21st century, modern education has entered a new stage of transformation and development, and College English teaching is also faced with many new problems and challenges. Although the reform of College English teaching has made phased progress, there are still many problems to be further solved in daily teaching, so the work situation facing teachers is not optimistic. In the future, we need to make clear the focus of College English teaching reform as a starting point to gradually create a new teaching pattern for students, so as to improve the quality of teaching. Thus, the author puts forward the opinion on how to promote the College English teaching reform from the focal issues in the College English teaching, hoping to be helpful to promote the optimization and implementation of the relevant work.


College English; teaching reform; focal problems; teaching reform strategy