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Construction of Finance Function Based on “Ideological and Political Theories Teaching in all Course”

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000391


Zhongpo Gao and Yu Cheng

Corresponding Author

Zhongpo Gao


In order to achieve All-round education and full-course education, The “Ideological and Political Theories teaching in All Course” method emphasizes that ideological and political education contents should be integrating into major education in university.As one of the basic courses of economics and management major,Finance mainly explains basic financial concepts and principles to students,which is easy to understand and related to the practice of economic and financial reform in domestic and abroad closely,so it is full of ideological and political education resources for major education in university.This paper at first analyzes the characteristics of Finance, in order to find out the intrinsic fits between Finance and the “Ideological and Political Theories teaching in All Course” method, then the functions of ideological and political of Finance are constructed :Conducting integrity education for citizens, Cultivating students' legal concepts about finance, Propagating National Spirit, Helping foster the morally sound values and outlook on the world and life in young people. Meanwhile, this paper also researches the teaching form in Finance based on the “Ideological and Political Theories teaching in All Course” method.


Finance; Ideological and Political Theories teaching in All Course; Functional construction; Teaching Method