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Role of Ideological and Political Education and Counselors in College Emergency under the Modern Network Environment

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000392


Jie Li, Qiuling Song, Tian Tian and Xin Wen

Corresponding Author

Xin Wen


With the development of the times, the internal and external environment of colleges and universities in China has undergone tremendous changes. Social problems have made the environment of colleges and universities more complex. Variable elements have emerged in universities and colleges in a variety of types. College students have had a negative impact, which sounded the alarm for the education of China's colleges and universities. The purpose of this article is to study the role of ideological and political education and counselors in college emergencies in the modern network environment. From the perspective of the modern network environment, this article takes university emergencies as the background, and on the basis of relevant realistic backgrounds and theories, it takes various types of university emergencies as specific research objects, from the "early warning" role, "safety valve" Role, "integration" role to analyze the role of ideological and political education and counselors in responding to university emergencies, and analyze the role of ideological and political education and the role of counselors by combining cases, emphasizing ideological and political education and guidance The theoretical basis for the role of staff in responding to university emergencies. The research results show that when university emergencies occur, good ideological and moral qualities can help colleges respond physiologically and avoid the expansion of the situation. "People" is the key to solving problems. When emergencies occur in universities, we should first pay attention to "people" The question of whether someone is injured, how many are affected, etc. If the counselor first pays attention to the material loss, it is an upside down.


Modern Network; Ideological and Political Education; Counselor Behavior; University Emergencies