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On the allocation of China’s Rural Land Transference Income——Based on Marxism Land Rent Theory

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000395


Hong Tang

Corresponding Author

Hong Tang


In the context of accelerating urbanization, a large number of rural land has been transferred to use as urban land, which generates considerable land transference income. The traditional Chinese model of land acquisition, however, has been widely criticized for its poor performance of protecting farmers' interests. “marketalization of profitable collective constructive land” is an innovative land system launched by the government to protect the farmers in land interests. However, should the government get involved in the allocation of land transference income from this model? The focuses of debates include what the basis for government getting involved in the allocation and how to get involved in the allocation. Based on Marxism land rent theory, this paper analyzes the above debates, and believes that the government should get involved in the allocation, that is, the government deserves the investment rents and management rents for land appreciation, and the farmers obtain agricultural rents and location rents. This paper proposes to construct a land-based transfer income distribution mechanism of“land market price + land value-added tax and fees”.


The allocation of rural collective land transference income; Land rent; Marketalization of rural collectively-owned commercial construction land