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The Enlightenment and Explanation of Mozi's Scientific Spirit to Vocational Education

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000396


Tingwei Pan

Corresponding Author

Tingwei Pan


Mozi was a great thinker and educator in the history of China. He had a great influence in the pre-Qin period and was called "outstanding learning" with Confucianism. In addition to his viewpoints of "universal love", "non-aggression", "Shang Xian", "non-enjoyment" and "economization", he is well known and has also made extraordinary achievements in the field of science. He founded a set of scientific theories with geometry, physics and optics as outstanding achievements. He was honored as the "Science Sage" and had a great influence on later generations. Mozi is the earliest educator who advocates vocational education in our country and is called the first person to practice vocational education. Mozi's theory contains rich labor thoughts and scientific thoughts, which have important normative and guiding values for the development and reform of our vocational education today. It is helpful to train Mozi of the new era for the society and provide ideological guidance and theoretical support. Therefore, it is of great significance to construct vocational education characterized by Mozi's scientific spirit in the process of vocational education and to go deep into specific teaching and educational practice. This article first explores the content of Mozi's scientific thought, including the object of Mozi's scientific thought, the task of Mozi's scientific thought, the characteristics of Mozi's scientific thought, etc. Secondly, through studying the essence of Mozi's scientific thought, it is found that Mozi's scientific thought has important enlightenment to vocational education. Finally, through the relationship between Mozi's scientific thought of "emphasizing virtue", "serving righteousness and scholars", "wisdom and skills, and" describing and doing "and vocational education, it expounds its value to vocational education. Whether it is the individualized education of "teaching students in accordance with their aptitude" advocated by Mozi, or the teaching method of "unity of knowledge and practice" and the educational purpose of "not withholding but not voicing" are consistent with the objective of today's vocational education, and also provide methods and guidance for today's vocational education. Finally, the article analyzes the current situation of the dissemination of Mozi's scientific thought in the society at that time, and further explores the ways in which Mozi's scientific spirit can be promoted in the contemporary era.


Mozi; Scientific spirit; Vocational education; Expound and propagate