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The Enterprise Ideological and Political Work in the New Period

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000399


Changjiu Fu and Xinrui Fu

Corresponding Author

Changjiu Fu


Innovating the enterprise ideological and political work in the new period aims to strengthen the level of enterprise ideological and political work, to ensure that the corporate personnel have a strong ideological and political awareness, and to improve the staffs’ work level . In the new period, due to the changes of state owned enterprises in the environmental development, the enterprises must enhance the ideological awareness of internal staff facing the fierce competition, realize the unity of personal values of staffs and the concept of corporate development, promote the smooth implementation of various production and operation activities of enterprises, and promote enterprises keep going. This article is mainly aimed at the current state of enterprise ideological and political work, exploring the way to make the ideological and political education in state owned enterprises well done in the new period, and providing conscious support for the management and operation of state-owned enterprises.


state owned enterprise; Ideological and political work; Innovation strategy