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Teaching Reform of Microbiology Practice in New Engineering

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000401


Qiuling Song, Jie Li, Xin Wen and Tian Tian

Corresponding Author

Tian Tian


Engineering construction is a new direction for higher engineering education reform in China. The development of new projects is a response to the new round of science and technology revolution, industrial transformation, and new economic challenges to engineering education reform and development. The new project construction is a complex system project with extensive influence and Chinese characteristics. It has played a demonstration and leadership role in the reform and development of higher education in China. The construction of the "new project" points out the disadvantages of traditional teaching and puts forward new requirements for the practical teaching of microbiology inspection. The purpose of this article is to explore the reform of practical teaching in microbiology laboratories in the context of new engineering. Based on the review and analysis of relevant documents for new project construction and relevant documents for new project construction by the Ministry of Education, a new definition of the microbiology specialty was made from the current status and research directions of engineering education reform. The concept of new engineering, and clarify the new concept of new engineering construction. In terms of condensing the direction of new engineering construction, the construction of "dual-faculty" and "dual-energy" faculty, the construction of the new engineering curriculum system, the construction of teaching materials, the classroom teaching of new engineering, cooperative schooling, and experimental practical teaching, etc. The general idea of engineering construction, and put forward the idea of further development of new engineering specialty of microbiology. The revolution in the teaching of microbiology testing practice under the new engineering background has truly enabled students to master the most basic operations in "microbiology" experiments. It has also cultivated students' ability to use textbook knowledge, be able to do their own work, and be able to find many problems and raise doubts. Asking questions raises students' thinking in scientific research and helps to form innovative thinking.


New Engineering; Department of Microbiology; Teaching Reform; Innovation Training