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The Training Method of Applied Talents in Ophthalmic Technology Based on the Industry-University-Research Approach

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000412


Tian Tian, Xin Wen, Jie Li and Qiuling Song

Corresponding Author

Qiuling Song


With the rapid development of science and technology and the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's vision requirements are getting higher and higher, and the demand for opto-optic technicians in the opto-optic industry is also increasing. With the main goal of implementing industry-university-research, we will vigorously carry out teaching reforms, introduce new teaching modes and curriculum systems, continuously improve school conditions, improve the quality of talent training, build a strong and highly qualified teacher team, and realize the integrated development of industry-university-research. This article mainly discusses that in order to adapt to the development of the times and the requirements of global medical education, higher vocational colleges should cultivate a group of eye-light technology professionals with strong hands-on ability, innovation and practicality. The survey in this article shows that the proportion of graduates going to hospitals, companies, colleges to teach, and self-employment is 57.7%, 35.8%, 3.7%, and 2.8%, respectively. Most of the 4-year graduates enter the hospital and engage in the clinical work of optometry. However, due to the lack of the optometry professional title series in the current medical system, they may not be able to advance or pass other technical series. Due to the lack of the series of professional titles of opto-optic technology, it has seriously affected the development of opto-optical education and graduate employment, as well as the healthy development and discipline development of the entire opto-optic industry.


Vision Technology; Talent Training; School-Enterprise Cooperation; Training Mode