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Research on the Application of Process Evaluation in Higher Vocational Mathematics Teaching

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000415


Suolang Wangmu

Corresponding Author

Suolang Wangmu


Mathematics is the basis of many other subjects, for which students learn math from an early age. Higher vocational colleges have lower requirements for students to advance to higher grades, and students' math scores are not high, but for some majors, they must have sufficient mathematical ability to proceed to the next step. Therefore teachers need to explore better teaching methods to improve students' abilities. At this stage, procedural evaluation, as a new educational tool plays an important role in education and teaching. This article therefore analyzes the specific process evaluation methods and studies the benefits they play in the mathematics teaching of higher vocational colleges, hoping to give teachers more reference in teaching.


Process evaluation; Vocational college; math education; Applied Research