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Exploration on the Application of "Match Instead of Practice" Training Method in the Badminton Teams of Colleges and Universities

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000416


Lei Ma

Corresponding Author

Lei Ma


"Match instead of practice" training method has been popular in the world, athletes through this training method to achieve excellent sports results. "Match instead of practice" in the field of sports training belongs to a kind of competition method, and this competition method, in essence, belongs to a typical high-level training method. This paper adopts the methods of questionnaire, logical analysis and literature review to analyze and study the application of the training method of "match instead of practice" in the badminton team of colleges and universities. The result shows that the training method of "training instead of practice" is to accomplish some unaccomplished goals and tasks in training by competition, but it does not mean not to practice. "Match instead of practice" is the perfect combination of training and competition, so as to achieve the best training effect and obtain excellent sports results.


Match instead of practice; College; College Badminton Team