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Construction of Applied Talent Training Base in Higher Vocational Colleges

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000420


Xin Wen, Tian Tian, Qiuling Song and Jie Li

Corresponding Author

Jie Li


In recent years, all walks of life have focused on vocational education. Therefore, the focus of developing vocational education has shifted from the expansion of school scale to the construction of teaching content. As an important part of school content construction, the quality of education also urgently needs to be improved. However, due to various reasons, at present, the applied talent training bases of many vocational colleges in China cannot meet the needs of practical training, which seriously affects the quality of vocational education in China. Therefore, in order to develop higher vocational education in our country and achieve the training goals of higher vocational education, we must strengthen the construction of applied talent training bases in higher vocational colleges. This article starts from the current situation of the construction of applied talent training bases in vocational colleges, and through field visits and surveys, based on collecting, analyzing, collating and summarizing data, it finds that the main existing construction of vocational training bases in vocational colleges currently exists. The problems are analyzed and the reasons are analyzed. At the same time, the related literature is consulted and combined with previous studies, trying to propose some targeted and systematic countermeasures from the perspective of school development.


Higher Vocational Colleges; Applied Talents; Training Bases; Teaching Quality