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The Reform of the Training Mechanism of "Secondary Examination Students" from the Perspective of Process Quality

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DOI: 10.38007/Proceedings.0000422


Weixuan Ye

Corresponding Author

Weixuan Ye


Starting from the background of the demand for higher-level talents in the current era of knowledge economy, this article expounds the significance of the research on the improvement of the quality of "medium-graduate students". Through literature research, the content of student management system, student management concept, and the process of "medium-graded students" is managed The composition and characteristics are explained. Based on a full comparison and analysis of the characteristics of student training management, the project management ideas are applied to the training of "secondary test students", focusing on the planning and start-up, execution and control, closing and feedback of the "secondary test students" during the training process. The research was conducted in the middle, later and later stages, and a feasible and scientific "secondary examination student" training model was constructed. Aiming at the characteristics of the purpose of "secondary examination student" training, a people-oriented management concept was proposed. Further combining the example of the school with the different characteristics of the management of "secondary test score students" in other schools, a comprehensive combination of policy analysis and empirical research is used to illustrate the characteristics of "secondary test score students" management from the perspective of project management. Through literature research, we summarize the key factors in the training quality of "secondary test score students", take "secondary test score management" as an example, take project management as the basic structure, and people-oriented as the basic ideas, and combine internal marketing theory, demand level theory, and expectation theory Management theories such as equity theory, goal setting theory, and two-factor theory focus on analyzing the key factors that affect the training quality of "medium-graduate students" and propose solutions.


Process Quality Perspective; Talent Training; Teaching Research; Educational Mechanism Reform